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Subject : Revalidation of Certificate of Competency

This Directorate has been issuing Certificate of Competency (CoC) in accordance with the rules and conforming to STCW '95 requirements. The Certificates of Competency issued are valid for a period of five years. Certificate of Competency are required to be revalidated after every five years after the candidates meet the requirements laid down in the META Manual and other notification.
In order to assist the candidates and reduce the time required for revalidation of a Certificate of Competency (in cases where a CoC booklet has been issued), it has been decided that the following procedures will be followed by the respective Examiner of Engineers in all districts, while carrying out the revalidation of the certificate of competency.
  1. Candidates can apply for the revalidation of his CoC at any declared examination district of his choice.
  2. Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for revalidation of their CoC's as enumerated in the META Manual and other requirements as notified by the Directorate from time to time.
  3. The Examiner of Engineers of the district may revalidate the CoC after confirming and verifying the above, records of same must be kept.
  4. Examiner of Engineers must forward details of the revalidated CoCs to the INDoS Cell and D.G. Shipping on a weekly basis without fail.
Following documents are required to be forwarded to the Directorate;
  1. Copy of the application form
  2. Proof of sea service / shore service
  3. Copy of pages 1 and 5 of the Hard Cover (Certificate of Competency)
In supersession of Circular No. 64 dated the 25th May 2004 regarding the validity of the Certificate of Competency, the following shall be followed:
                (a) Candidate applying for endorsement of the revalidation of their CoC at any time before 12 months of expiry of the CoC, revalidation will be for five years from the date of successful completion of the revalidation course.
                 (b) Candidates who have done their revalidation course after the expiry of the validity of their CoC and are applying for the endorsement of the revalidation of their CoC, revalidation of the CoC shall be five years from the expiry of the validity of the CoC/previous revalidation
                 (c) In no case the validity of the CoC shall be more than five years from the date of completion of the revalidation course.
This issues with the approval of the Chief Examiner of Engineers


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